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Pack & Seal is a water-resistant, fire retardant, non-setting putty used for electrical applications, gap sealing and pipe repairs where easy removal of repair material in future is required.

It packs out electrical boxes to prevent moisture ingress and seals around cable runs. Because Pack & Seal does not set, it can be removed when repairs need to be carried out to the installations which have been sealed.

Pack & Seal also forms removable seals around pipes and temporarily blocks holes. It makes gaskets for sealing between extremely uneven faces and surfaces, and in other applications where a non-setting solution is useful.

It comes in an easy-to-use, 100g stick which is bright red for easy indication of where it has been applied. A translucent version of Pack & Seal is also available, allowing the condition of wiring in packed out junction boxes to be seen and PCB labels read without the need for putty removal.

Pack & Seal Clear is not fire retardant and cannot be bought through our website currently. For more information, please contact Sylmasta via email.

How to use Pack & Seal Non-Setting Putty Stick for electrical and gap sealing

Pack & Seal is easy to use, simply break the required amount of putty from the stick and push it firmly into the area requiring sealing.

Once no gaps have been left in the electrical box, area around cables, hole, gasket or pipe seal, the application is complete.

To regain access to the area filled with Pack & Seal, simply peel out the putty. It can be reused after removal. When stored in unopened in a cool, dry location and out of direct sunlight, Pack & Seal has a minimum shelf life of 12 months.

Pack & Seal can be used in conjunction with Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape to seal junction boxes against moisture. After filling the cavity with putty, cables can be wrapped using Wrap & Seal which fuses to itself to create a solid rubber layer of insulation.

Benefits of Pack & Seal Non-Setting Sealing Putty Stick

  • Non-setting for quick and easy application and removal
  • Water-resistant for preventing the ingress of moisture
  • Fire retardant
  • Enables highly versatile repairs to be made


  • Packing out junction boxes against moisture and dust
  • Forming removable cable glands
  • Sealing cables and pipe runs
  • Filling holes to protect against water ingress
  • Making gaskets for uneven surfaces
  • Forming removable seals around pipes

Pack & Seal Non-Setting Sealing Putty Stick

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