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Liquid Rubber PU21 Rapid 5 Minute is a fast setting polyurethane rubber which sets to a hard, smooth, glass like finish.

It is used to repair areas of wear or damage on rubber equipment and for creating replacement components, such as rubber shaft couplings.

Liquid Rubber can also be used as a high performance, non-corrosive electrical encapsulate and for creating equipment linings which are abrasion resistant and noise reducing.

It is low in viscosity, resulting in a resin system with excellent adhesion properties whilst retaining the flow properties necessary to fill intricate units.

Thanks to its unique formulation, PU21 has none of the problems usually associated with filled PU systems, such as sedimentation and moisture sensitivity. It is flame retardant.

How to use Liquid Rubber Rapid to create and repair rubber parts and equipment

Add Part A and Part B of Liquid Rubber together in the correct ratio. PU21 has a pot life of 5 minutes, an initial cure of 3 minutes and a full cure of 2 hours.

To repair worn and damaged rubber parts, Liquid Rubber is poured into holes and tears to a thickness of at least 3mm to provide sufficient strength. It will cure to seamlessly fill the damage with a new rubber surface.

When creating new parts and replacement components, a mould must be taken of the original. PU21 can then be poured into the mould box, where it will cure to the required shape.

For lining applications and noise reduction, PU21 is applied via brush to surfaces to a thickness of at least 1.5mm. Applying multiple layers will build up a thicker, longer lasting, more resistant coating. The recoat time of PU21 is 60 minutes.

Liquid Rubber is currently only available to buy in 4x500g Kits. If you wish to discuss other PU options, then please contact Sylmasta

Benefits of Liquid Rubber Rapid 5 Minute

  • Fast working for quick applications
  • Low viscosity for flowing into intricate units
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent chemical stability and electrical properties


  • Creating new and replacement rubber components
  • Repairing old or worn rubber equipment and parts
  • Creating rubber gaskets and seals
  • Encapsulating electrical components

Liquid Rubber Rapid 5 Minute (4x500g)

€ 187,60Prijs



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